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What Is Separate Property, Even If I Got It During The Marriage In Brooklyn?

Most property that you acquired during your marriage in Brooklyn will be considered marital property, including the value of retirement vehicles like 401(k)s and items you purchased with your own money.

However, there are several categories of property that are usually viewed as separate, even if a spouse received them during the marriage.

First, personal injury awards that one spouse wins are usually considered separate property.

Because the funds are meant to compensate a person for medical costs, lost wages, and less quantifiable losses related to an accident or injury, that money stays with the spouse who won it.

Second, inheritances are typically considered a separate asset. When a relative leaves money or property to you in a will, judges have little inclination to second guess the intention of that relative. Inherited property is yours to keep.

When it comes time to distribute property in a divorce, you want the best possible guidance so you can keep what’s rightfully yours.

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