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Can Married Gay Couples In Brooklyn File For Divorce?

Yes, gay couples in Brooklyn have the same right to divorce as their straight friends do.

While in most cases they can expect the same type of experience that their heterosexual counterparts go through, there are still areas where the law is trying to catch up to the reality of how New Yorkers live their lives today.

Marriage and divorce for same-sex couples is, unfortunately, one of those areas.

It’s not fair that you should have to deal with the evolution of the law as you pursue what is, for most people, a pretty predictable and well-trod legal process, but for the time being, individual judges still represent a wildcard when it comes to how matters in a same-sex divorce may be decided.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we understand the complexity of this area of the law, and work hard to ensure that our clients have the very best representation available in Brooklyn.

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