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Can I Fight Paternity In Brooklyn If I Believe The Child I’ve Been Raising Isn’t Mine?

Fighting paternity in Brooklyn courts is extremely difficult if you’ve taken steps that affirm your role as a child’s father.

When children in New York are born within a marriage, courts presume that the husband in the union is the child’s natural father.

This is a convention that goes back to English Common Law, and the presumption of paternity is true in all 50 states.

In addition to raising the child whose paternity you are unsure of, you probably also signed the birth certificate when the child was born.

Both of these things – acting as the father to a child, and affirming paternity through signing the birth certificate – are considered sufficient grounds to treat you as the child’s paternal father and impose the responsibilities that go with that.

Still, it is possible to fight, and there may be advantages to establishing paternity (or lack of paternity) for future use.

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