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Is An Annulment Easier To Get Than A Divorce In Brooklyn?

Only a very small subset of marriages are eligible for annulment in Brooklyn, and substantive evidence of grounds must be presented.

If your marriage meets the criteria for annulment, however, then pursuing that avenue may make more sense than divorce.

Grounds for annulment include marriages between relatives who are too close in blood, bigamy, and marriages that were performed by an officiant who is not legally able to solemnize the union.

These marriages are considered void under the law, as though they never happened, but their dissolution still requires many of the agreements that a divorce would.

A second category of marriages that can be annulled are so-called voidable marriages, which require a judgment to be considered void.

These marriages are entered into under duress, where one party is underage at the time of the union, or when one party defrauded the other to obtain the marriage.

Annulments require a much greater level of evidence than a divorce, but for many people in void or voidable marriages, annulments are the right decision.

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