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In Child Custody Modification, What Does “Change In Circumstances” Mean To Brooklyn Courts?

The “change in circumstance” that Brooklyn courts evaluate when a parent petitions for a child custody modification typically relate to a change in the parent’s circumstance.

Situations like a move, the loss of a job, entering or being released from jail or prison, remarriage, and similar events can constitute a change in circumstance that may require a modification to a custody agreement.

The most important thing that Brooklyn Family Courts are looking for when a parent makes a request to modify a custody agreement is whether the request is truly grounded in the child’s best interests.

Whatever the change in circumstance may be, it isn’t enough to tell a judge that a new arrangement works well for you – your child must come first and foremost in petitions like this.

Working with an experienced Brooklyn child custody attorney can make a big difference when you petition for modification.

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