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How Can I Prove That My Ex-Spouse Is Creating Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation is a strong allegation to make, and courts will often require that the child be evaluated by a professional as it considers how to proceed.

Certain behaviors and attitudes are known to be consistent with parental alienation, including a lack of empathy for the parent in question, anger or aggression toward the parent, and efforts to avoid visitation, often with help from the custodial parent.

Parental alienation is a heightened form of interference, in that it doesn’t only interfere with the custody agreement, but with the child’s desire to cooperate with the custody agreement.

Unfortunately, it can take courts quite a while to take appropriate actions when a parent fears that their ex-spouse is trying to corrupt their relationship with their child.

Your best course of action is to document everything relevant, and work closely with an experienced child custody attorney who can help you work with the family court to make your case over time.

In the best case, using the process effectively will help resolve the issue on its own.

In the worst case, you may be in for a long fight with a lot of setbacks. Don’t fight it alone.

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