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Will A Collaborative Divorce Keep Us Out Of Court?

Yes, collaborative divorce requires an agreement from both parties that they will work within the collaborative framework and avoid litigation.

The goal of the process is to negotiate the dissolution of the marriage – the distribution of assets, the finances of the marriage, maintenance, child custody and support – in a manner that is fair, sensible, and respectful to all parties.

Aside from your collaborative divorce lawyers, a collaborative divorce process will also bring in professionals to deal with issues like property appraisal and valuation, representation for children, financial planners, and others who can help all members of the family interact fully with collaborative divorce and achieve a meaningful settlement for their ends.

Not only does collaborative divorce keep you out of court, but it also tends to cost much less than a traditional divorce.

There are fewer lawyers, fewer motions, and compared to a contested divorce, a much shorter time frame.

Find out if Collaborative Divorce is for you.

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