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If I’m Not The Father Of The Child We’ve Been Raising, Will I Still Have To Pay Support?

Believe it or not, you may be ordered to pay child support for a child you’ve been raising, even if you are not the biological father.

The court considers a variety of factors when it comes to custody and support issues, and even if both parents acknowledge a lack of paternity, the judge may find that you are the child’s parent simply by virtue of the length of your relationship.

This is a very complicated area of law that often results in outcomes that feel unjust to the men who have acted as fathers to children who are not biologically theirs.

The State of New York values the best interest of the child more highly than it values the comfort or the disposable income of the adults in the equation.

If you have been raising a child that isn’t yours and are now divorcing, it’s important that you get experienced legal advice.

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