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Do I Have To Make My Child Attend Visitation If They Don’t Want To?

If you have a younger child, yes, you need to be very conscientious in encouraging their participation in visitation.

There are many reasons why this is a good idea, the first of which is that if you give the appearance of interfering with your former spouse’s court ordered visitation, the court can go so far as to award custody to your former spouse.

But as a fundamental matter in your household, making visitation a reliable, expected, predictable event in your child’s weekly or monthly routine means that you won’t give your child the tools they need to play you against your former spouse, or your former spouse against you.

It’s important that your child retain ties to both parents, and your job as a parent is to ensure that the important things get their due.

If you have a teenager, it can become impossible to require visitation.

The courts understand that a 16 year old is much harder to order around than a six year old, and grant more leeway on your child’s conduct at that age.

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