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My Spouse Cheated. Does Adultery Make A Big Difference In The Divorce?

Once upon a time, divorce court was a place where a spouse who had been wronged by a cheating partner could exact their revenge in a very public – and often very expensive – way.

Those days are largely gone, and today New York judges prefer it when they don’t have to hear the sordid tales of marriages gone bad.

Adultery does matter, though. If your spouse spent lavishly on a lover or on affairs, then the court will view that as a misappropriation of funds and expect that the money will be repaid to the marriage, which may cost them cash or assets.

Adultery may also matter in considerations of child custody and visitation. A spouse who sleeps around isn’t likely to appear to be one who will provide a safe, stable, loving home environment where a child can feel secure.

So while your spouse’s adultery, as hurtful as it obviously was, doesn’t entitle you to a financial settlement that will crush your spouse forever, it can be an important piece in producing a settlement that leaves you and your children protected in the future.

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