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My Spouse Committed Adultery Throughout The Marriage. Does That Mean They’re Not Entitled To Things Like Maintenance, Keeping The House, Or Half Of Our Retirement Benefits?

New York relies on a theory called “equitable distribution” when it comes to how divorcing couples will split assets, provide maintenance, and otherwise reach terms at the end of a marriage.

Whether your divorce is no-fault or you’d rather prove a case against your spouse, at the end of the day, the problems that your spouse caused the marriage aren’t likely to make a large difference in the final shape of the settlement.

It can be a hard pill to swallow, but the truth is that judges don’t want to play referee for angry couples going through bitter divorces, and New York policymakers have incorporated reforms into divorce law to try to turn the volume down and produce a more productive and rational divorce process.

Still, people rarely divorce because things are going so well between them.

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