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How Long Does My Spouse Have To Respond Once I Serve Them?

Once served, your spouse will have 20 days to respond to your divorce summons or summons with complaint, or 30 days if they live out of state.

During that time, you can expect that your spouse will quickly retain a divorce attorney if they haven’t already done so, and if you haven’t hired a lawyer, it’s a very smart move to at least sit and talk to one now.

The response to your summons or complaint is known as an answer, and it can come in several forms.

If you only served your spouse with a summons, they will file a Notice of Appearance, telling the court that they intend to participate in the divorce.

If they were served with a summons with complaint, your spouse may file an answer that responds to each allegation in the complaint.

You really shouldn’t go it alone in a divorce action. The stakes are just too high, and you risk permanent financial problems resulting from the choices you make right now.

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