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Who Gets To Stay In Our Home During The Divorce?

This is a matter to be worked out between yourself and your spouse.

For couples with children, there is often a strong incentive to keep the kids in the schools they know and close to their friends.

In that case, it makes sense for the parent who will have physical custody to remain in the home during – and for many families, after – the divorce.

But that’s not the case for all divorcing couples. If the home is an asset that the couples want sold or otherwise disposed of, they have more options for who gets to stay there.

In some cases, both spouses move out and prepare the home for liquidation. In others, financial plans are put into place as part of the divorce settlement to buy out one spouse’s equity.

There are many ways to handle the status of your home in a divorce.

The Brooklyn divorce attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you understand your options and craft a settlement that protects your rights. Call us today at 718-725-9601.

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