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Will we need to go to trial?

By far, the best way to divorce involves working with your spouse to reach amicable decisions related to your assets, finances, support, and child custody.

A no-fault, uncontested divorce can be had relatively quickly, and while divorce is never easy or hassle free, that approach will leave you and your spouse in better financial and emotional positions afterward.

If you can reach agreement on the issues, the court won’t have to, and you can avoid most or all appearances, hearings, and a trial phase.

On the other hand, for many couples, it’s simply not possible to work together productively after a marriage fails.

In that case, negotiations may fail to produce an agreement on outstanding issues from the marriage.

In that case, a trial phase may be required, at which point the court will decide these issues for you. Be warned: contentious divorces are expensive and emotionally exhausting.

If you’re concerned that your divorce will be hostile, it’s imperative that you have great lawyers on your side.

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